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Local News 10/12/23

The group, Idahoans for open primaries, have gathered 25-thousand signatures for the voting ballot initiative. Depending on whom you talk to in the Republican Party it’s either a good thing or a bad idea. Former Idaho Governor Butch Otter has come out for the plan. Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon and some Republican officeholders say no. Supporters have until May 1 to gather more than 63,000 signatures statewide and qualify 18 legislative districts.

A dairy facility in Jerome has been fined thousands of dollars over what the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said was a violation of the company’s discharge permit. Agropur was fined $29,605 by the DEQ for a wastewater discharge on Dec. 5, 2021, that was not allowed under the federal Clean Water Act. Company officials said the discharge was the result of equipment failure. .

In a federal lawsuit filed last week, the Boise School District is being accused of mishandling reports of abuse involving an underage student and staff at Fairmont Junior High. The lawsuit accuses the now-deceased school social worker Scott Crandell, of predatory sexually abusive acts towards students. The latest court documents were filed by a minor girl’s parents who claim she was pulled out of class to visit with the social worker for nap time. Crandell committed suicide months ago.

The Idaho Department of Insurance is warning consumers to be wary of improper marketing by telemarketers and TV commercials for Medicare. Medicare will be open for enrollment for 2024 starting Sunday through Dec. 7. The department says to hang up if callers you don’t have an appointment with ask for private information.

The University of Idaho is refusing to release records that could address financial risks from the proposed University of Phoenix purchase. The issue ramped up on Sept. 20, when the Biden administration announced a plan to write off $37 million in Phoenix student debts a move that could affect the U of I. Special Counsel for the school Kent Nelson said student loan records fall under a nondisclosure agreement and the internal analysis is confidential.

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