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Local News 12/22/23

A judge has issued an order for the release of the remains of Tylee Ryan to her family members.  Colby Ryan, Tylee and JJ’s older brother, is expected to take custody of the remains.  JJ Vallow’s remains were released to family members in October.

Heavy fog yesterday morning closed a portion of I-86 in Power County at around 9:30 am.  Several accidents occurred according to Idaho State Police prompting the closure.  Both directions were reopened just before 4 pm.

The parents of a man shot and killed by a Star Idaho police officer is asking for an unbiased third party review of the case.  39 year old Jeremy Banach died after being shot on June 15th of 2022.  The Valley County prosecutor reviewed the findings who said the shooting was justified.  His parents said he did have a drug problem but he was still a good person. 

The bureau of land management Twin Falls district recently transferred a wildland fire engine

to the Notch Butte protection association.  They serve northern Twin Falls County.

The Biden administration moved to conserve groves of old-growth trees on national forests across the U.S. and limit logging as climate change amplifies the threats they face from wildfires, insects and disease.  The proposal follows longstanding calls from environmentalists to preserve older forests that offer crucial wildlife habitat and other environmental benefits. Timber companies have fought against logging restrictions on government-owned lands.

At least 14 of the Gem State's 19 ski areas will be open during the holiday season.  Sun Valley has been open since Thanksgiving.  In Southern Idaho, Magic Mountain Ski Resort near Hansen is open and Pomerelle Mountain Resort near Albion is open daily for the season. Soldier Mountain near Fairfield will spin both chairs Saturday.

The bureau of reclamation say the water level in the reservoir system is building back up.  The reservoir system is 63% full, which is approximately 114% of median for the date and 1,377,769 acre-feet higher than a year ago.

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