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Local News 2/20/24

As we come on the air this morning there have been several accidents involving multiple

semi’s on I-84 near mile marker 182 near the Twin Falls and Hazelton exits.  Slick roads are the cause. 

A fire that broke out at Commercial Creamery in Jerome damaged one of the three cheese dryers that the company uses.  Fire crews were called to the building around 2:30 pm Friday where heavy smoke could be seen coming from the building.  The company said the other two dryers are working and the fire will have limited impact on the facility where 150 people work.  It’s estimated it will take 2 months to make repairs. 

Idaho has asked the Supreme Court to take emergency action so the state can enforce its felony ban on gender-affirming health care for transgender minors, arguing that a district court’s injunction goes too far.  It would make it a felony for health care providers to administer treatments to transgender young people or face up to a decade in prison and $5,000 in fines.  A federal judge in December temporarily blocked Idaho’s ban days before it was to take effect.

Advocates inside the Statehouse sharing findings of recent research related to the State's unauthorized workforce and contributions to the State's economy.  The Idaho Dairymen's Association, Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, and the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry worked with the University of Idaho to present the report. Idaho Dairymen Association says of those 35 thousand individuals, 86 percent, are employed. That's higher than the national average.

With a 13-4 vote, the House Business Committee sent a controversial rent bill to the floor yesterday.  If signed into law, local governments could not make landlords accept federal housing assistance programs, including Section 8 vouchers. Cities or counties also could not regulate rent, fees or deposits.

A bill to expand birth control access is making its way to the Idaho House floor after it passed in a House Business Committee hearing yesterday afternoon.  The bill would require that insurance companies provide up to a six month supply of prescribed contraceptives to enrollees.

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