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Local News 2/29/24

Thomas Creech, who was to be executed by lethal injection, was returned to his cell yesterday morning after the medical team couldn’t establish an IV line.  Now his death warrant has expired and the state is considering the next steps.

The Idaho House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass a bill that would make it a crime to share sexually explicit images of real people that were generated by artificial intelligence.  It would also become a crime to threaten to disclose sexually explicit AI generated media for the purpose of obtaining money or something else of value.

Ranchers whose livestock are killed by grizzly bears and wolves could get more financial support from the state of Idaho under a bill making its way through the statehouse.  The bill would set up a $225,000 annual fund to reimburse ranchers for livestock losses. It would be managed by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.  The federal Wildlife Services reported that wolves were responsible for 85 livestock deaths in 2023.

Instead of cutting the ribbon, Twin Falls fire department members separated the hose to open the newest fire station this week.  Station 3 is finished with the city spending about $8-million on the facility.

No trial date for Brian Kohberger, charged with 4 first degree murders of University of Idaho students.  Following a hearing the Judge agreed with the defense to not set a trial date.  In May, the court will determine whether to move the trial out of Latah County. 

This Saturday is the republican caucus in Idaho.  This vote moves Idaho into the early stages of the Republican Presidential nominating fight allowing Idaho Republicans to vote before Super Tuesday.

The Idaho Senate has passed a bill that would let counselors and therapists refuse care that conflicts with their religious, moral, or ethical principles.

A bill to prevent undocumented immigrants in Idaho from accessing publicly-funded assistance is not moving forward in the Idaho Legislature.

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