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Local News 3/11/24

Two accidents along highway 93 over the weekend injured one and claimed the life of another.  ISP tells us an accident just after 11 Saturday night happened between Jerome and Twin Falls with a semi driven by a 58 year old Buhl resident was struck in the rear by a 28 year old female from Twin Falls.  The female was transported to the hospital with injuries. The southbound lanes were blocked for an hour and a half.  Another accident just before 1 Saturday afternoon happened between Jerome and Shoshone.  A 69 year old Shoshone woman died when she lost control of her vehicle on the snow covered road.  She collided head on by a southbound SUV.

The Idaho Falls Police SWAT teams arrested a 23-year-old male Saturday night after two people were shot, killing one of them.  Shortly before 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night, a call to 911 reported a burglary in progress at a residence.

Two similar versions of legislation to narrow Idaho’s “Terrorist Control Act” to only apply to those connected to foreign terrorist organizations failed to find enough support to move out of an Idaho House of Representatives committee.  Critics began raising concerns that the bill would render useless the Terrorism Control Act, which had been developed in response to a white supremacist bombing in North Idaho.

Allowing school staff to carry guns is on the minds of an Idaho senate committee.  Friday a new bill was introduced after the first one stalled in the senate.  The new version still gives school staff with enhanced concealed carry permits the right to have a weapon.  It has additional training requirements, and it gives local school boards some discretion.

A teenager from the Mini-Cassia area is facing charges after running from police.  Officials say it started at 5:15 a.m. Friday, when the juvenile driver was speeding down the road near the intersection of 275 West and 100 South.  A deputy pursued before the vehicle crashed.  He was soon located and airlifted for medical assistance. 

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