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Local News 3/12/24

Four people were injured when a semi-truck rear ended a school bus yesterday afternoon.  ISP said it happened just before 5 on U.S. 95 in Washington County.  The northbound bus was stopped for unloading when the semi collided with it.  Both vehicles overturned.  2 juveniles and both drivers were sent for medical treatment.  The highway was blocked for about 5 hours.

Did anyone feel the earth move under your feet last night?  Officials say there was an unconfirmed earthquake around 9:30 near Twin Falls.  The epicenter was about 48 miles from the city. 

A nonbinding piece of legislation calling on Congress to impeach President Joe Biden over U.S. border security issues failed yesterday in the Republican-controlled Idaho House of Representatives.  Language that referred to “cheap immigrant labor” appeared to doom the measure.

A proposed amendment to the Idaho Constitution that sought to block ranked choice voting failed in the Idaho House of Representatives yesterday and won’t appear on the ballot in November.

A bill that would mandate insurance companies to dispense six months of birth control passed the House by one vote, and is now headed to Governor Brad Littles' desk.

A bill that would bar public school employees from displaying flags on campus is heading to the House.  Exempt would be The U.S. flag, Flags of foreign nations, Official flags of U.S., Official school and U.S. military, Indian tribes, Flags recognized by the Department of Education and school mascots.

The price of gas keeps going up.  Triple A reports that the Idaho price is now 8 cents more than a week ago at $3.29.  That’s 37 cents more than a month ago but still 38 cents cheaper than a year ago.  The National average is $3.40.

Idaho’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was unchanged remaining at 3.3%.  December 2023’s unemployment rate also remained the same at 3.3%. The latest data show the labor force increased by 546 people to 967,862.

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