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Local News 3/28/24

240 thousand dollars.  That’s how much Raul Labrador Idaho’s attorney General must pay in legal fees and court costs to the state board of Education. The court order, issued late yesterday, stems from Labrador’s lengthy, and ongoing, lawsuit of the State Board’s closed-door discussions of the proposed University of Phoenix purchase.  Labrador’s office said they disagree with the decision and expect to prevail on appeal. 

A 44-year-old man was shot multiple times yesterday morning in Caldwell and at last check is in critical condition.  Officers responded to the 5000 block of Lake Avenue in south Caldwell at 7:15 a.m. Upon arrival, they found a man with gunshot wounds.  It’s believed the victim and suspect knew each other.

Looking to own a home?  According to a new report from Zillow your annual income will need to be over 106 thousand dollars a year in the United States. That’s 80% more than the income buyers needed to purchase a home in January 2020.  

A new unfunded Texas style immigration bill was introduced to Idaho lawmakers yesterday.  The Idaho bill would allow local law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of people and arrest them or detain them for entering Idaho without legal documentation outside of an official port of entry. The bill also allows magistrate judges to order people who violate the bill to return to the foreign country that they left Idaho for.

The Senate killed a late-session bill to rework the University of Phoenix purchase and legislative leaders say the startling vote could stop the $685 million deal in its tracks.  The next steps are unclear and Senate President Pro Tem Chuck Winder indicated the U of I’s plans could be dead.

he Twin Falls Police Department say  they are looking for a 17 year old that is missing.  Stephen Depew was last seen Tuesday March 19th.  He is 6 foot 6, and has brown hair. He weighs 240 pounds.  Contact the police if you have tips as to his whereabouts. 

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