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Local News 3/8/24

Shasta Grone, the Idaho woman who survived one of the state’s most infamous killing sprees lost her Nampa home and everything inside to a fire Wednesday.  In 2005, the now 27 year old was kidnapped, held captive and tortured.  She endured the slaughter of her entire family, including her brother, who was taken along with Shasta and then killed in front of her.  Authorities are investigating how the fire started.  She and her 5 children escaped uninjured.

A bill to ban Idaho public funds from covering gender-affirming medications and surgeries for Idaho adults and children is headed to the Idaho House floor. The ban on using public dollars for gender-affirming care would explicitly apply to Idaho Medicaid.

The sale of the former ITD Boise headquarters is being discussed among lawmakers.  Some

want to restore the flood damaged building that has asbestos inside others want to sell the building estimated to be worth $51-million.

Two people have died following a house fire in Twin Falls Wednesday morning.   Authorities say a 59 year old man and 69 year old woman were killed at the home located in the 100 block of Starfire Street. 

Chad Daybell is scheduled to be back in court today.  Court Documents say there are two motions to discuss.  One to challenge a state’s motion to quash a subpoena and another to exclude Dr. Davidson as an expert witness.  Daybell faces three first degree murder charges.

A Bellevue man who is well known in his community is fighting for his life after being kidnapped, beaten and thrown 21 feet down a ravine.  Fredy Inca Cisneros was in Peru visiting family in January when the incident occurred.  He suffered a broken spinal cord, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. 

This week Idaho Governor Brad Little signed house bill 428.  It is designed to cut unemployment insurance taxes by 20-percent for Idaho Businesses.  The Idaho Department of Labor will send out rate notices.

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