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Local News 4/10/24

The trial of 55 year old Chad Daybell charged with killing his wife and his then-girlfriend's two youngest children in a case rooted in extremist religious beliefs will start today. Prosecutors say the couple justified the three killings with doomsday beliefs, part of an elaborate scheme to eliminate any obstacles to their relationship and to obtain money from survivor benefits and life insurance. He was a member of the Mormon church.

Idaho is being stamped as one of the fastest growing states in the United States.  Data shows the state population has grown by 125 thousand in the last four years.

Idaho school districts soon will have to remove any requirements that teachers use transgender students’ preferred pronouns. Gov. Brad Little this week signed house bill 538. The bill bars teachers from referring to a student by a name or pronoun that doesn’t align with their birth sex, unless the teacher has parental consent.

A 32 year old Burley woman died from the results of a car crash Sunday evening.  Police say it happened on State Highway 81 and Church Hill Drive when the car went off the roadway and rolled.

Police in Twin Falls have arrested 39 year old Robert Franklin Lambert of Filer after passing a fake 100 dollar bill at Walmart.  Video cameras captured Lambert at the store in March.  When he returned Saturday the police took him into custody.

The Twin Falls county sheriff’s office is warning residents to be wary of any phone calls claiming they owe fines.  One victim was defrauded out of $1200.  Once again residents are reminded not to share personal information or make payments over the phone or by the use of a gift card.  You should contact police immediately if you ever receive such a call. 

An air Canada flight had to make an emergency landing at the Boise airport yesterday.  Pilots reported a cargo hold indicator light in the flight deck.  No injuries were reported but emergency personnel were called to the scene.

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