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Local News 4/26/24

Some 10 thousand 500 households were without power in Twin  Falls yesterday afternoon.  Power company workers say it appears that it was a bird that caused it.  The power went out at about 1:15 pm and most of the customers had the service returned by 3:30. 

The Food and Drug Administration is saying that viral fragments of the H5N1 bird flu have been detected in 1 in 5 pasteurized milk samples. Since March, bird flu detections have spread to dairy cows and herds in 8 states including Idaho. FDA officials say the milk does not pose a threat and is safe to consume.

Today is the deadline for online voting in Idaho.  If patrons wish  to vote using the  online voter registration system ahead of the May 21st primary election they need to register or update their registration using the online system available at or visit their county elections office. 

A new lawsuit is challenging Idaho’s long-standing constitutional provision that bars religious institutions including private schools from receiving taxpayer resources.   Last week, Truth Family Bible Church of Middleton filed a federal lawsuit claiming Idaho’s Blaine Amendment infringes on religious and free speech rights protected under the U.S. Constitution. The lawsuit could have weighty implications in Idaho’s ongoing debate over school choice.

Yesterday morning the 1st degree murder trial for Chad Daybell continued to unfold in a Boise Courtroom.  A phone call was played from 911 from the night that Tammy Daybell called to report a possible shooting.    Daybell’s attorney is trying to convince the jury that the gun that was allegedly used by who they assume was Alex Cox was a paintball gun and not a rifle as the state asserts.  When listening to the 911 call Tammy refers to the weapon as both a paintball gun and a rifle when talking to the dispatcher.

Starting Monday the northbound lane of Blue Lakes Boulevard South will be reduced to one lane between Commercial Avenue and Canyon Street.  That closure is scheduled to run through May 31 as crews work on the water lines.  When completed water customers should see better pressure in the area. 

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