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Local News 4/9/24

Without additional action by the Legislature, Idaho Gov. Brad Little worries a new bill requiring legislative approval for Medicaid waivers could disrupt health care services, including by halting millions of dollars in payments to medical providers across the state.  Little’s office received 118 emails from providers asking for a trailer bill to House Bill 398.  Little called for imminent action by the Idaho Legislature.

As governor Brad Little ponders the library bill before him that would regulate library content he has been receiving many calls and e-mails.  The majority were opposed to it becoming law.  At last check 4371 emails opposed  and 1432 were for while1892 phone calls were against the idea compared to 1087  that were for it. 

An 18 year old Coeur D’Alene man is being charged with trying to provide support and resources to ISIS.  Alexander Scott Mercurio was arrested Saturday.  According to law enforcement, the suspect planned to attack churches in the north Idaho area.  He pledged allegiance to ISIS and reportedly desired to die during his attack.

The jury in the Chad Daybell murder trial is set to start this morning with both prosecution and defense to begin opening statements.

The cost to fuel up is going up.  The price of gas jumped another 11 cents this week in the gem state to $3-78 a gallon.  That’s 50-cents more than a month ago and 23 cents more than a year ago. 

The escaped inmate Skylar Meade and the man who police say shot two Idaho corrections officers in March to break Meade out prison, Nicholas Umphenour along with Tia Garcia, who drove the getaway car, appeared in court in Ada County yesterday.  The judge listened to three witnesses who identified Meade as the escaped inmate.  The three’s preliminary hearing was set for April 29th but Meade didn’t want to wait.

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