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Local News 5/14/24

Wendell School officials confirmed that they had received information about a threat to some students at the Middle school.  According to a facebook post, the threat was received on a social media account.  Police were notified and according to the authorities, a suspect was taken into custody.  The report came in over the weekend and according to some parents individual students were named in the threat.

Memorial Day travel is back in a big way.  According to AAA, 43.8 million Americans, including nearly 262,000 Idahoans, will journey 50 miles or more from home to celebrate the holiday weekend 1.8 million more than a year ago, and 1 million more than in 2019.  Best times to drive, according to AAA, Thursday and Friday before the weekend and return home Monday afternoon.

The Blaine County sheriffs office issued a warning yesterday that said they are seeing a rash of forged checks.  Earlier this month, they responded to an alarm at a bank in Ketchum.  A teller said that a person was attempting to cash 2 fraudulent checks.  Police say they arrested 19 year old Izak Allen Lamica of Nampa. 

Some lawmakers in Idaho say they are concerned with the increasing amount of Misleading election ads, Door hangers and mailers that are being sent to residents.  Many are from out of state political action committees.  Speaker of the House Mike Moyle called them liars mis-representing voting records.

Idaho Governor Brad Little and Superintendent of Public Instruction Debbie Critchfield visited school officials in Jerome, Kimberly and Twin Falls yesterday to hand out some money.  The big checks were thanks to House Bill 521, which secured the largest state investment in school facilities and construction.

Local firefighters unveiled their latest piece of equipment yesterday.  It’s called the Magic valley regional air unit and it’s designed to assist when a fire department has a large fire.  It’s a trailer dedicated to re-filling air tanks on scene that are use when going inside a burning building.  The 186-thousand dollar price tag was paid for with grants.  It will be housed at the Twin Falls training facility.

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