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Local News 9/20

Quagga mussel larvae have been located in the Centennial Waterfront Park area of the Snake River. The findings mark the first time a rapid response plan has been put into action for quagga mussels in Idaho. The park has been closed to the public.

Authorities have charged a 20 year old man with vehicular Manslaughter following an incident on Saturday. 20 year old Braxton Sterling was camping near a Hazelton Cornfield. Court records show he left the site around 4 am to drive into a cornfield. He reportedly stopped the car and let 20 year old Peyton Walton out. Later he began looking for Walton who was later located. He had been run over.

A 57 year old Twin Falls woman has been accused of pointing a gun at some girls Sunday. She claimed they were making too much noise. Jolette Rae Lamkin faces 3 counts of aggravated Battery following the confrontation on Paintbrush Drive. Police later found a handgun at her residence.

Contractors with the City of Twin Falls will be doing maintenance on the Shoshone Falls Park main overlook. For approximately 3 weeks, contractors will work to replace the wooden decking under the overlook and reinforce the concrete footings with a steel beam and concrete. During construction, the parking lot near the overlook will be closed.

A fire that was started by lightening August 20th in the South Hills continues to burn. Officials with the Minidoka Ranger district say they are letting the fire continue as the area was going to be burned as treatment to improve wildlife habitat.

Anyone who has lost access to Medicaid as Idaho removes people from the program this year can now enroll in health insurance policies through Your Health Idaho, the state’s insurance exchange that offers tax credits. They have opened a special enrolment period for 90 days for anyone who lost Medicaid after some ineligible for the program were removed after federal law stopped states from dis-enrolling people from Medicaid during the pandemic.

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