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News 10/4/23

Crews led by the Idaho department of Agriculture are treating the Snake River near Twin Falls in an effort to eradicate the quagga mussels. Earlier they found the larva between the Twin Falls dam and the Centennial Park. Another adult mussel was also found near Shoshone Falls. The ISDA said without treatment it has the potential to have a irreparable impact to the waterways.

During a time when prices are going up one industry could provide some relief to consumers’. Recently the Idaho Department of Insurance released a report detailing a decrease in health insurance coverage rates up to 13%. Those prices will be reflected in plans available for purchase starting in mid-October for coverage in 2024. Additionally, six carriers will offer dental insurance. Between all the insurance providers, there are 154 medical plans and 21 dental plans available.

A pedestrian walking along Highway 30 near Lava Hot Springs was killed yesterday morning. Police say a pickup truck struck the 34 year old male who was in the lane of travel. It happened just after 6 am.

Officials with the Idaho State Controller’s Office are able to verify state revenue collections unofficially as the state transitions to a new, wide scale business system called Luma. Chief Deputy State Controller Joshua Whitworth said the system is working, and raw, unofficial data shows that as of Wednesday, the state has taken in a combined $7.3 billion in revenue from all sources since July 1.

This is only a test. Expect your cell phones, TV’s and this radio station to transmit a test this afternoon. This one will be nationwide and originate from FEMA who said the purpose is to ensure systems continue to be efficient in alerting the public in this case on a national level. If all goes as planned, the system will be activated locally at 12:20 pm.

Yesterday, Fourth district judge Samuel Hoagland dismissed a lawsuit brought by Babe Vote

and the League of Women voters in Idaho against the state over voter registration laws. Idaho lawmakers removed student ID’s as acceptable for voter ID’s. The group felt it would be difficult for students to vote.

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