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Wednesday 06/05/24

The city of Gooding is claiming it was a victim of a scam after someone

impersonated being a contractor and convinced city officials to pay 1 million

92 thousand 519 in payments. According to the city, the payment was

intended to be sent to the contractor of their wastewater project, but later

learned it was the victim of the scam after the payment was made. They tried

to get the money back, but the bank could not recover it. The city has

consulted its insurance provider.

Purchasing a home in Twin Falls county is rather tough if you consider the

home buyers index. The county has the 27th worst in the nation. The report

prices are up, buying power is down and the affordability gap is flipped.

Just before 3 yesterday afternoon the special operations rescue team in Twin

Falls after it was reported a child had fallen into the canyon. The child had

suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

The irrigation water supply is still looking good for this time of year. As of this

morning, Jackson Lake is 94% full. Palisades Reservoir is 84% full. American

Falls is 98% full. The Upper Snake River system is at 93% capacity.

The families of two victims in the January 31 hangar collapse at the Boise

Airport, has confirmed that the families have filed a letter of intent to sue Big

D Builders. The attorney for the families said they were given 6 months to file

their intention to bring a lawsuit to the company following the collapse. Once

the lawsuit is in place the attorney said it will be a $30 million suit providing

the two families with $15 million each.

The BLM Boise District Office will host a wild horse adoption this weekend at

the Boise Wild Horse Off-Range Corral just off Pleasant Valley Road. There will

be approximately 60 wild horses and 7 burros available.

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